Subscriptions Now For Sale!!

Do you like Bread? I don’t mean what passes for bread in the grocery store.

I’m not talking about the sliced “food product” on sale wrapped in plastic.

I’m not talking about the loaf the bagger at the grocery store can crush with a simple misplaced can of soup.

I’m talking true, honest bread.

Crusty bread…the kind you can smear peanut butter on without it tearing to pieces.

Do you like it fresh?

Do you like knowing your money is supporting a local enterprise?

Do you like knowing where your food comes from?

Do you like me? My family?

OK…that last one was kind of a trick question. Of course you like me and my family!

Well, now is your chance and this is the moment.

I am prepared to offer you the deal of a lifetime.

For the low, low price of $50, I will bake you ten (that’s right, 10) loaves of the freshest, best, most bread-like bread you have ever had. You can even pick it up warm from the oven, if you’d like.

The best part? With your subscription, you get to decide how often you want your bread! That’s right! I will bake bread once a month (probably the second Saturday).

Knowing that, you can tell me if you want one loaf every month for ten months, or all ten in one fell swoop!

Five one month, five the next? No problem.

Two every month for five months? DONE!! (you get the picture, right?)

You’d like to try a sample before you commit? Absolutely…I’ll still sell single loaves when I bake…but supplies will be limited, so you’ll want to reserve a loaf as soon as you can.

I can hear you now… “But Patrick, how do I get this bread? How do I give you money? Here! Take my wallet!!”

Well, friend, let’s not be hasty. I’ll take your check, or your cash. Unfortunately I can’t take your credit cards or your I.O.U’s. I’m assuming most of you will know how to contact me, but in case you don’t, you can just leave a handy comment on this post (look at the bottom for a link to click), or find me on facebook… look for ‘Holmes slice bread co-op’.

I hope to get some pictures uploaded at some point in the near future. Keep in mind, we might be able to come to some kind of delivery arrangement if you live somewhat near Millersburg. Also keep in mind that the more subscriptions I sell, the quicker I might be able to build a genuine brick oven! Spread the word folks! How would a nice, hot, brick-oven pizza pie taste this weekend?

Subscriptions Now For Sale!!

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