Thanksgiving Help

Would you like a little help in the Kitchen this Thanksgiving? Do you have your feast all planned out, but with Turkey to roast and cranberry sauce to…sauce…and pie to plan for, are you really sure you want to put in the time it takes to bake a fresh loaf of bread?

I didn’t think so. That’s why I’m offering to be your ghost-baker. What better than a nice, thick-sliced piece of fresh, home-made bread to sop up all that delicious gravy and those mashed potato smears that are left on your plate? Paired with Amish butter and a dollop of raspberry preserves, what food could better compliment your Thanksgiving spread?

Better yet, your leftover turkey deserves a sandwich bread that’s worthy of the time you’ve invested in all that basting. Holmes Slice is here for you…and just this once, you don’t even have to give me credit (you’re welcome). Go ahead, pretend you made it. Nobody else needs to know.

More bread for sale. I’ll be baking on Wednesday, November 25th, just in time for your holiday plans. $5 a loaf (or more if you’re willing), all proceeds will help us in pursuing a second adoption. This time I’ll offer you a choice…Oatmeal bread (from the More with Less cookbook, baked in a loaf pan and delicious) or Rustic (nice and crusty with a hint of rye, a personal favorite). Both types make delicious toast.

Message me if you’d like a loaf (or two!). Quantities are limited.

Thanksgiving Help

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